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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

05/23/07: Finally Somewhat Recovered

First, thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement. It really means a lot. Now that I'm a bit rested, time to start planning my training. I'm about done scheduling things out, and will post it here in the next week or two.

Also thanks for the comments. Personal comments I'll email you - training comments I'll put here as a resource for me and for others.

So here goes:

Tea: Congrats on training for a 1/2. As you can tell, I got a lot out of it. One thing I realized is that the race is just the prize at the end of the journey - enjoy all of the training along the way. IM WI huh? My hats off to you - that's a REALLY tough race. The weather is usually totally mislerable, just to make life even more fun Here's a link to a newletter from my tri club that has a race report from this past year:


Hey Gilliland's - It's great to hear from you :)

I put a couple of links up on the page. Although I don't necessarily agree with all of what the following suggest, here are some of my favorites.

For general information: Chris Carmicheal's site is pretty good: trainright.com. He has a book out on fitness nutrition, and another new book that I believe is titled the Five Essentials. I'm not sure if there's a website, but I enjoyed Bill Phillips book Body for Life. He pushes meal replacements a bit (since at the time he owned the company)....other than that I like what he has to say. One of my other favorite resources is Tony's Living Health Book, especially the updated one. I think his principles of health are critical: oxygenation by proper diaphramatic breathing, hydration (1/2 your body weight in oz of water a day), living foods, alkalizing (greens), essential fats (Udo's oil), AEROBIC exercise, structural soundness, the elimiation of whites refined processed carbs, saturated fats, and acid addictions (caffeine, nicotine, drugs, alcohol, etc).

As far as exercise specific sites:

www.halhigdon.com for tons of running related articles and training plans from 5k through ultra marathon

www.cruciblefitness.com for some fantastic triathlon related articles, many of which are geared towards ironman events, although there's a lot of great info on the individual components.

If you want, I can give you lots more info depending on what you're looking for. Drop me an email at ahariton@bellsouth.net. I'd love to stay in touch.

Carlos - you couldn't have said it better, and I definitely learned my lesson. I'll give you a call in the next couple of weeks when I start riding again.

That's it for now. Check back in the next few days. I'm gong to post a friends IM Fla race report from two years ago, which is absolutely fantastic.

Live with Purpose....Enjoy the Adventure

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