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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

09/11/07: The Week in Review

Last week was another really big (read tiring) training week, the biggest so far....again....

Plan was for 14.75 hours
Actual was 14.60 hours

Plan 4.5 hours
Actual 4.5 hours

Spent all of Saturday doing the Total Immersion clinic, where I learned exactly what I needed to get my swimming to the next level. I'll write more about that in a separate post. Good swimming week, including Benji's anaerobic sets on Thursday. I'm definitely still progressing.

Plan 4 hours
Actual 3.22 hours, 20.48 miles

I moved my long run to Friday night becuase of the TI clinic on Sat, which worked out well, giving me somewhat fresh legs for Sunday's long ride. Unfortunately my planning sucked Sat night and I forgot to bring my running shoes with me on Sunday, so didn't run after my long ride.....such is life (Note to self: PLAN BETTER...Pack the night before)

Friday's long run went well, getting in a 17.5 mile run. Nothing too interesting to report. It was long...I got it in....enough said.....

Plan 6.25 hours
Actual 6.88 hours, 122.44 miles

I did my first century ride on Sunday....it was LONG.....

Sunday was the annual watermelon ride. There were several hundred riders, most riding in groups, and it was great seeing a lot of friends out there.

I caught a draft here and there when some of the larger groups went by, although tried to stay out of the middle of the groups as much as possible...too many inexperienced riders = potential disaster....something I really didn't want to deal with.

I was much more comfortable hanging off the back of the groups, still getting a little bit of help from their draft, but able to hang out on my aero bars and enjoy the ride.

I took a 5 hour bottle of perpetuem with me which I alternated sipping with water every 10 minutes, plus some powerbar gels ~ every 45 minutes, plus 2 lava salts ~ every hour. Nutrition for the ride seemed right on target.

Total time for the century was just a bit over 5:40, which includes the couple of times I stopped to get more water or just to stretch a bit. That gave me a pace of 17.63 mph...which is probably a bit faster then I would have gone on my own since I did get to draft at least some of the time.

I'd say I enjoyed the first 4.75 hours...the last 45 minutes seemed to last forever and I was really ready to be off the bike!!

The week ahead is a recovery week, at only 12 hours. YAY!!!!

Just some light training and the usual swims midweek, then a local, unsupported 1/2 this weekend just for fun. Talk about a change in perspective....a half ironman for fun....Hmmmm....

Live with purpose....Enjoy the adventure.....


Spokane Al said...

It sounds like you had a very solid week towards building for IM FL.

Your century ride was very impressive with a 17 + mph average.

Way to rock!

Bleach said...

Keep it up....I've been following along as I am training for the same event. Seems like you are well prepared and will be successful.

I have to say based on my training it is getting more difficult because the amount of time has increased while daylight hours have decreased. I find I am doing quite a bit of training either in the darkness of the morning or darkness of the evening. Since my pesky job gets in the way I there is no real choice!

Tea said...

I think you need to change your poll to include: be a good daddy. :)

smokin fast on that ride. I'm jealous.