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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

09/12/07: Changing things up a bit

I decided to change things up a little since this is a recovery week, ending with a 1/2 IM on Sunday.

Last night was the usual swim, getting in 3000 yds:

wu: 200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull, 50 easy swim

3x200 negative split

2x300, last 100 under 2"

Broken 200 (all are all out): 25, 10" rest; 25, 20" rest; 50, 30" rest; 100...4'15" total = 3'15" 200

2x (50 kick 50 swim)

broken 200: 3'14"

5x50 on 1'30"

broken 200: 3'15"...gotta love consistency

misc 100

Normally I'd run after the Tues swim, but since my legs were still tired from Sundays century and it's a recovery week, I gave myself permission to take the night off.

Tonight was an hour on the bike. There was a lot of lightening, and I had no desire to be on the trainer, so I hit a spin class for a change of pace. Although it's certainly not comparable to being on my bike out for a ride, it was a really good hour workout. Then I hopped on a treadmill for a 1/2 hour, getting in the workout I normally would have done Tuesday.

Tomorrow's another swim, and I'll at long last post a bit about last weekend's TI swim clinic....better late than never.....

Live with purpose....Enjoy the adventure....


The Scott Family said...

Impressive figures.

Looking forward to hearing how you hot on at the TI workshop. I hope to get some tips/ideas from you.

Keep on blogging!


JohnnyTri said...

nice swim set..
I gotta some numbers like those.

awesome baby count down banner!


The Wrench said...

Great swim! Good variety.

Tea said...

so a century and a HIM in one week?