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Thursday, July 5, 2007

07/05/07: A quick training update

Gotta love having a day off of work in the middle of the week. Catch up on some sleep, stuff around the house, laundry, and still have time for some training.

Tuesdays run and swim went well. Run was just a 1/2 hour.

Swim set was 2200:

300 wu

700: 50 breast 50 swim; 50 breast 100 swim; 50 breast 150 swim; 50 breast 200 swim

4 x 150 50 kick, 50 swim, 50 pull

6 x 50 easy, medium, hard

300 cd

Yesterday I got in an hour form ride. It was particularly nice because I was able to do it outside for a change. Doing ILT drills outside is definitely a bit tougher then doing them inside on the trainer.

Last night I decided that sleep was going to be more important than waking up early to do a 45 minute run this morning, so I'm going to do a 30-45 minute run tonight after swimming.

Once again, the power of public commitment at work. Even though I know I'm not going to want to run after swimming, I pretty much have to do it now, since I typed it on here....


JohnnyTri said...

I Say take a break, rest up and do another IM... although Everest would be great..hummm..

good job on stickn the training during the holiday.. You and I get an A+


1HappyAthlete said...

Thanks Johnny

Problem with Everest, beyond the obvious, is that I value my finger tips and toes too much.....

You must be excited for CDA!!!!