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Monday, July 30, 2007

07/30/07: The week in review

Plan was for a nice break this week of only 8.5 hours, consisting of 3 hours swimming, 3.5 hours cycling, and 2 hours running.

I ended up at 3.5 hours of swimming, 2.42 hours of cycling, and 2 hours of running.

Total 3.5 hours, 4.06 miles
Thursday's practice got cut short because of lightening and I only got in 45 minutes. Even though swimming wasn't on the schedule for the weekend of the recovery week, I wanted to get some distance in with the ocean marathon swim coming up, so I added an hour swim. Not a problem as far as overall training hours went, since I skipped Friday's hour recovery ride due to lightening, and a total lack of motivation to be on the trainer for an hour on a perfectly good friday.

Total 2.42 hours, 42.46 miles.
Significantly fewer miles than last week - Ahhhh...recovery time....Already mentioned skipping Friday's recover ride. Saturday's 2 hour ride was okay at best....I just never felt quite right. Did the usual perpetuem and gels. I think I was probably a bit dehydrated from Saturday's indulgence in food and wine, and starting the day of with too much coffee and not enough water. Can't wait to get fitted on and pick up my new bike this coming Saturday...I just hope I have enough energy to enjoy it after the ocean swim.

Running: Total 2 hours, 12.02 miles
The hour run as part of yesterday's brick was a miserable disaster. A normal brick run for me should be at a 9 something pace. This was at almost 12. The good news....at least I finished it, even if I did have to walk for almost half the time. Some days are good, some aren't...this one definitely wasn't.

Overall an mediocre training week. I felt very tired and worn out for most of it, which has continued today. Hopefully in the next few days my body will catch up, in time for this coming weeks 12.75 hours of training....

That's a good point about sleep Johhny - thanks. I forgot to add that after yesterday's ride I got home and slept...and slept...and slept.....What was planned as a one hour nap ended up being a three hour nap.....hmmm.....New goal for this week - be in bed no later than 10:30 every night!

Live with purpose....Enjoy the adventure.....

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JohnnyTri said...

hey I think your body is looking for some more sleep time, try hookn up an extra 30-60mins worth and you should be tip top!