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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

07/24/07: Congrats and the Start of Recovery Week

Let's start off recovery week with congratulations to Minya for overcoming cramps and finishing her 1st sprint (8/30 in the novice group) - GREAT JOB! Thanks for the race report - looks like in addition to finishing your first race you learned quite a bit. Also, way to go Kellie, going 11:56:18 at Lake Placid, which is one of the most challenging and hilly courses anywhere!! Not only that, she placed 519 overall and had the fastest run split in her age group. YOU ROCK!

Also, congrats to all of my blogging peeps on their races over the weekend. I saw LOTS of PRs, and will leave comments on your posts, instead of trying to list everyone here, since I'll undoubtedly forget someone.

Carrie, the new saddle definitely made a huge difference, although I obviously can't address this from a female point of view. There was absolutely 0 pressure in some not so wanted places....my "sit" bones were a bit sore, as expected. I followed the advice from my bike shop and double shorted, to help out a bit. They told me that it takes 2-8 rides to be completely used to the new saddle. The way I see it, after riding for 60+ miles I'm going to suffer - at least now I can choose where I suffer :) Putting in a 3.5 hour ride on a new saddle wasn't the brightest idea, but it worked out really well and I couldn't be happier making the switch. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Recovery week started off with a not so easy 30 minute zone 2 run. On some runs I'm definitely feeling like my cardio fitness is outpacing my muscular fitness. To keep my hr in zone 2 I was running a sub-8 minute pace for most of the run. Gotta love getting faster.

Live with purpose....Enjoy the adventure....


Meggan Ann said...

Just think of it like when you first got used to aerobars . . . any change in your position is going to take some getting used to.

Thanks for the thoughts . . .

JohnnyTri said...

yeah totally love when the cardio fitness increases and you have to push it a little to get that HR up..

double shorting..humm .. didnt think of that one but I see how it can help.


Tea said...

you're running sub 8's now?