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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

08/07/07: Just a little bit of humidity

Starting off week 13 as usual with a 30 minute run. I now know why it felt like a steamroom at 6:45 am:

Jacksonville International Airport
Lat: 30.43 N Lon: 81.7 W Elev: 39 ft
Last Update on Aug 7, 6:56 am EDT

76°F (24°C) Humidity: 97 %


Now that I'm done whining, here's a little humor forwarded by Lori :)

As we pursue excellence in triathlon events our behavior can become a bit obsessive, especially from the perspective of those who don't participate, but that's what passion for sport is all about. As obsessions go triathlon is not that bad, perhaps a little taxing to family and significant others, but no threat to society as a whole. Consider what we do from the perspective of those not 'addicted' and you should be able to see some humor in it.

"Those who hear not the music think the dancers mad." - Chinese Proverb

Here are the symptoms:

  • Just one more qualifier and you're sure you'll make it to Kona.
  • Only one workout a day makes you feel guilty.
  • You called in sick not because you're hung over but because the weather was bad over the weekend and you've got to get that long workout in.
  • You lie to your friends and family about what you did over the weekend: "I relaxed!"
  • You can accurately assess fitness level by volume of laundry.
  • You know the exact weather prediction for any given day, when a storm is coming, what the wind speed is—and most important—from which direction it's blowing.
  • Your bike(s), wheels, wetsuit, and other miscellaneous tri-gear are worth more than your car.
  • A year of entry fees cost more than your car insurance.
  • You never sleep-in on weekends.
  • You used to eat candy bars and still do, but now they have names that include words like: Power, Balance, Zone, etc.
  • Acronyms and numbers like HRM, AT, LT, ATP, OD, 140.6, 70.3 are familiar, and IM does not mean Instant Messenger!
  • You know there's still a band aid at the bottom of lane 3.
  • The phrases "Swim Meet this Weekend," and "Annual Maintenance Shutdown" stress you out.
  • You forgot how to tie shoe laces.
  • You know all the kilometer to mile conversions by heart.
  • Spending another $1000 on your bike to shave a few seconds off your 40k time is well worth it.
  • You plan your race season a year in advance and log on at midnight with your credit card ready.
  • You used to make fun of people wearing Lycra, now you think it looks cool. :)
  • You look forward to getting older (aging up = less competition)!

A couple of last thoughts about Saturday's ocean swim: Even though I went a bit slower than I would have liked, 1. I didn't drown, 2. I finished; 3. I didn't finish last (although that would have been ok with me too)

Live with purpose...Enjoy the Adventure....


Carrie said...

Love the quote!! Sometimes I feel totally enveloped by this whole training thing, but I realize that it really does make me feel complete...Off to get my afternoon spin!!

TriFeist said...

HAHAHA! The quotation and the list make me laugh. Any chance you'll be at the HOT Triathlon in a few weeks?

Tea said...

nice list...it's good that we can laugh at ourselves, right? Just...nobody else can.

I still think you did an AMAZING job at the swim. Not everyone gets a sinus flush for free when they sign up for a race.