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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

08/14/07: Last Week In Review

Better late than never...

Last week had a planned 13.75 hours, and ended up at 12 hours:

Planned: 4.25
Actual: 2.17 hours, 4910 yds

Missed Thursday's swim workout....it was an excused absence though....Even though I hope for afternoon thunderstorms every Tues and Thurs, I can honestly say I haven't missed a single swim workout due to simply not wanting to go....and missing this one was no different....no harm done

In fact, I'm actually starting to look forward to swimming, since I've been making so much progress and Carrie's been so amazingly helpful as a coach.

Planned: 6.25 hours
Actual: 6.33 hours

The new bike is amazing and 3 1/2 of Sunday's 4 hour ride was great; on the other hand, the last 30 minutes after I bonked was pure hell, not to mention the 15 run immediately afterwards.....This coming week it's back to 2 lava salts / hour in my perpetuem and gels every 45 minutes....Running off the bike after riding the hills of Clermont should be interesting......

Planned: 3.25 hours
Actual: 3.50 hours

It was nice finally getting in a long run where I didn't stop to walk every two minutes....Even though Saturday's run was brutal and I only managed a 10 something minute pace with my heart rate in zone 4, I got it in and pushed through....Sometimes those are the best workouts of all......

I learned a very valuable lesson last week: especially in this heat and humidity, I really need to split up my long rides and runs. Trying to both in consecutive days is leaving my totally exhausted.

So...this week I moved some thing around on my schedule and am going to do my long run (2.5 hours) on Wednesday night, with my long ride (4.5 hours of hills in Clermont) on Saturday. Hopefully that'll keep me a bit fresher while still getting in all of the mileage, considering that I have a VERY BIG 15 hour week planned. YIKES!

Live with purpose...Enjoy the adventure....


Tea said...

Im sure you'll feel MUCH better once you split up those workouts.

Carrie said...

Anxious to see how it works for ya!!

HOKIEX said...

I agree with your statement about pushing through on some tough workouts. Those are the workouts that will truly make a difference down the road.