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Friday, August 31, 2007

08/31/07: We interrupt this swim for lightening


Such is life in Fla in the summer...Still managed to get in 2100 yds:

wu: 100 x swim, kick, pull

300 pull

6x100 descend 1-3 & 4-6 on 2:10

6x50 swim with fins on 1'

300 pull


Backing up a couple of days, on Wednesday I did a one hour form ride. I split it up into 30 minutes on the rollers, 15 minutes on the trainer (3x3 ilt), and another 15 minutes on the rollers. The person in the condo below me complained that the rollers were noisy (note to self: start looking at single family homes in the spring), so ready or not, I graduated from riding in a doorframe and put the rollers in the spare bedroom. It was like riding without training wheels for the 1st time...a bit nerve-racking, but worked out just fine - no harm done to me, Kramer, my house or my bike. YAY

Yesterday morning was a 45 minute form run. I ran some laps around a lake behind my condo, getting in 8 30" pickups during the run.

As the weekend hours are getting REALLY long, I scheduled Fridays as rest days as well as Mondays, to ensure that my key workouts are quality sessions. So today my legs get a break, although I'll still probably put my bike on the rollers for 5-10 minutes of easy spinning. At least in theory, 5-10 minutes a day on the rollers should turn me into a cyclist with at least reasonable balance.

This weekend has me doing a 1 1/2 hour swim, which I'll probably do with the group, a 2 1/2 hour run, and a 4 1/2 hour ride. 8 1/2 hours over two days....Hmmmm.....

Live with purpose....Enjoy the Adventure

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