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Monday, June 4, 2007

06/04/07: Swimming and Biking and Running Oh My

Let the training begin: today officially starts 22 weeks of training for IronMan Florida. After taking most of last week off, it's nice to feel rested.

I met a friend for a bike ride out at the beach yesterday morning, with no real agenda other than getting back on my bike for a few miles - it's the first I'd ridden since the 1/2. We ended up doing 25 miles on a really windy day.

Of course, what would a perfectly good ride be without running afterwards? So we ran for about 40 minutes. I looked out at the ocean and thought too bad I didn't bring my goggles. The wind was out of the west and the ocean was flat as could be....perfect for a swim.

Fortunately, a few others had the same idea. The hammerheads (the local tri group), organized a last minute ocean swim at 3 at Jax beach. I swam, along with about a dozen other people, for 40 minutes or so.

In the spirit of holistic training, I headed over to the Lemon Bar for a couple of beers (and an interesting water fight) afterwards.

Today starts with a day off :) Actually I'm going to lift weights, but the real training starts tomorrow. From training for the 1/2, I found out that I definitely need Mondays off after long days of biking and running over the weeekends. Training starts off pretty light this week, with swims with the masters group at Episcopal on Tues & Thurs, 1/2 hour runs on Tues & Thurs, and hour rides on Wed and Fri.

Just to keep life fun, I'm also going to do the Bfast Sprint race on Saturday (1/4 mi swim, 12 mi bike, 5k run). It's amazing how quickly perspective shifts. Last year I still gave a certain amount of thought to doing a sprint tri. Now, after doing a 1/2 ironman, a sprint should be pretty easy and I'm going to see how fast I can go, versus thinking in terms of finishing. The same thing happened after doing my first marathon: 5k's became REALLY short.

Live With Purpose. Enjoy the Adventure.


tr said...

A swim, a bike, and a run all on the same day! And there was no race? All for the fun of it? That's pretty darn cool.

- Todd

TriShannon said...

It's amazing how the perspective on distance changes. I so often catch myself saying it "just" a sprint tri, it's "just" a 5k or it's an easy day... only a 60 mile ride.

Good luck with the training and congrats on recently finishing your first HIM!!