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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

06/19/07: One of Those Days

Ever have one of those days when the alarm clock goes off at an ungodly hour, long before the sun comes up, and you find yourself wishing it was National Stay in Bed Until the Afternoon Day (yes - it's a rhetorical question)? Today is one of those days.....

Since I only had a 45 min run scheduled for this morning, may as well skip it - it's a short run...missing just one 45 minute run won't hurt....yeah....right.....Herein lies the beauty of setting a goal that's just BARELY within my grasp, or maybe slightly outside of it....there are no days off....


I yawned my way to the closet and forced myself to put on my running clothes.....grabbed my Ipod and turned on some 80's hair metal REALLY LOUD....and off I went....I ran for a bit over 45 minutes, just over 4 1/2 miles....nice easy (relatively speaking) zone 2 run.

Tonight's a swim, which thanks to Greg's coaching I'm actually starting to enjoy.


Tea said...

So I went through my 80's hair metal phase a couple of months ago, then it was disco...the 90's grunge. Now, I'm into country.

I remember the day when I used to run with a tape walkman and got as many songs off the radio as I could. How did I ever survive?

Oh...wait...this is YOUR blog...nice job on the run.

j. said...

starting to enjoy the swim?

uh-oh. that's the first sign of the downfall. next thing you know you'll love the rush through transition. then you'll hate the bike but love that wobbly feeling in your legs when you start the run.... then you'll realize you've been sucked into the triathlon vortex for so long you don't even know how to climb out.


great blog. keep up the great work with IM training. Florida will be a blast!