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Friday, June 29, 2007

06/29/07: TT Time

It's been a while since I've tested my biking lactic threshold (lt), so tonight seems like as good a time as any, especially since this is a recovery week and I'm feeling pretty fresh. After a decent warmup, it's an 8 mile time trial, hard as I can go. It'll be interesting to see if my biking lt has increased as much as my running lt did. Since my running lt is around 181, I'm expecting my biking lt to be around 175 or so.

Last night was another good swim. Consistency is the key....I seem to be making progress every time I'm in the pool. I'm hoping to be able to do the 2.5 mile hammerhead ocean marathon in about a month. It'll give me a good feel for where I am and how far I have to go with 3 months left till the IM. Last night's workout was 2200:

400 warmup

4 x 100 pull, 100 swim (stroke count)

4 x 50 kick, 50 swim (breast & back)

8 x 50 descend

200 cd

I definitely enjoyed the 50's. It's nice to swim as fast and as hard as possible on rare occassion...something different....and since swimming has a tendency to get a bit boring doing long, slow sets, different is good.....

I was recently reading an article about what makes the biggest difference in race results. My personal opinion is a combination of two things: training consistently at the right intensities - thus today's time trial.

Although time trial's are not particularly fun (actually the last 10 minutes or so hurts like hell), it's in my opinion the only way to accurately determine the right training zones. Mind over matter, if you don't mind.....it doesn't matter.

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