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Monday, June 11, 2007

06/11/07: Recovery Workout & a Kramer Update

First, a Kramer update: becuase he's had so much pent up energy from not being able to play with his friends or swim, the vet has me keeping him on tranqueliers. As much as I HATE doing that to him, in reality it's helped a lot and he's healing really well. They also have me keeping a t-shirt on him. Poor Kramer - he's been pretty miserable.

The good news is that he goes back to the vet on Wednesday to have his stitches taken out :) Within another week or two he should be back to his playful and energetic self. Yea.

I felt pretty good after Saturday's race, but didn't want to push too hard yesterday, plus it was REALLY hot out. I did an hour zone 1 brick workout - 45 minutes on the bike and a short 15 minute run. My heart rate stayed in the 130s on the bike and 140's on the run. The only downside was that I got yet another flat on the bike....seems to be happening WAY too often....the good news is that my co2 worked just fine this time and i was back to cycling again with only a few minutes lost, as compared to what happened in the 1/2.

Yesterday afternoon we had our ocean swim. The water was a bit choppy and VERY warm. I swam for about 5 laps or so over a 1/2 hour, and am guessing it was about 1100-1200 yds. I definitely have a LONG way to go before I'm ready for the 2.4 mile ocean swim. I'll probably do the 1.25 mile hammerhead ocean marathon in August as a good measure of where I am - if I'm feeling particularly good about my swimming at that point, maybe I'll do the 2.5 mile swim. Just have to wait and see.

Moving the swim to Sunday afternoon seems to be a great idea - we had around 15 people show up again. After the swim Rachel had the brilliant idea of replacing the salt water taste in our mouths with the much better taste of beer. So, once again in the spirit of holistic training, about 8 of us made it over to Eddie Bahamas for some cold drinks and good conversation.

Today's workout is limited to hitting the weights.

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