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Saturday, June 16, 2007

06/16/07: Fitting Everything In

First I want to address Tea's comment. Let me make sure I'm being very clear Tea: I said I think I now have the swimming ability of a half decent six year old swimmer, not that I could actually beat them in the water :-p


Often the hardest part about triathlon training is fitting everything in....3x swim bike run, plus 2x weights, plus having a life outside of triathon....yes...there is life outside of triathlon (or so I keep telling myself)

I'm going to Tampa this afternoon, and wanted to get in a swim this morning with my coach, which created a bit of a dilema...how the hell do I fit in a 2 hour ride this morning and be at the pool by 8:30 for swimming so I can be ready to leave for Tampa by 11:30?

Was, as with everything else in life, flexibility. Today's bike ride turned into todays run, since it's not even light out when I would have had to start my ride.

Sometimes I really miss the concept of sleeping in on weekends.....ahhh..the good old days lol.....now I'm seemingly up on the weekends earlier than during the week. Well, that's not exactly true anymore, since I've been getting up at 5:30 Tues - Thurs to fit in my morning workouts....but I digress....

This morning I started my 1.25 hour run at 6:30. Two nice things about running that early: it's nice and cool, and there's virtually no cars. It ran 8.5 miles, keeping my heart rate in zone 2 the whole time.

I got home with just enough time to down some gatorade endurance and head to the pool. Had a good swim. Although the 2-beat kick felt totally foreign on Thurs night, it felt very natual and balanced today, which is exactly why I made sure I got my butt to the pool today....it's so easy to let swimming technique slip.

Pool workout was 2000:

300 warmup

4 x (50 swim, 50 kick (which I still struggle with massively), 50 pull)

3 x (50 back, 50 breast)

4 x (50 easy, 50 hard)

100 easy

cd: 100 swim, 50 kick, 50 swim, 100 pull

Time for my favorite QUICK breakfast: carrot, apple & ginger juice.

Tomorrow when I get back I'll get in my 2 hour ride, and hopefully squeeze in an ocean swim with the hammerheads (the tri group, not the shark), which will be my 4th swim this week :)


Tea said...

You are so funny!

What a nice healthy breakfast. Mine consists of chocolate milk and double stuffed oreos.

My name is Tea, and I'm an addict.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting blog and great insight on the realities of training for a tri. Very inspiring. Oh, the things you learn on the way... I guess that's why they say hindsight is 20/20!
- from "the friend who told you about Bally's" See you Tuesday.