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Friday, June 15, 2007

06/15/07: Fundamentals

I made a significant breakthrough in the pool last night. I finally got a couple of things my coach was trying to to get me to do, which means I think I now have the swimming ability of a half decent 6 year old :)

I must be doing something right, because a couple of things feel very odd. When it comes to learning anything new, different is good. Greg has been trying to get me to do a two-beat kick. I usually end up kicking and kicking and kicking, just to keep from sinking like a rock. Last night I finally began to get the concept - one arm hits the water, one leg hits the water....hmmm....progress...as odd as it felt, it seemed to be very efficient.

Last nights swim set was 1900m:

100 warm up

900 ladder, alternating easy/hard 2x50, 2x100, 2x150, 2x100, 2x50

8x 25 swim, 25 kick (breast stroke and backstroke)

2x 100 swim, 100 pull

100 cd

I'm a bit exhausted this morning. My body (and brain) is still getting used to doing three days of two-a-days. It was SO nice sleeping in this morning (until 6:30). Tues - Thurs are going to be tough over the next few weeks until I'm used to it.

Kramer is doing MUCH better. His stitches are out, and he's slowly getting back to himself. The contagious Kramer smile has even returned. By the end of next week he should be back to normal and be allowed to start playing with his friends and swimming again.

This weekend I'm scheduled for 2 hour ride, 1.25 run and some swimming. I'll probably join the masters group Sat morning, to make sure I don't lose the techique gains from this week, and I may hit the ocean Sunday afternoon too. The more swimming the better at the moment.

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Tea said...

At least, you know that you CAN beat a 6 year old. I'm not sure that I can do that yet. You're my hero.

It's ironic, but I was struggling to do the two beat kick thing when a wise man said to me...you are over thinking this, let your body do what it naturally wants to do. As soon as I let it go....it worked!