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Sunday, June 24, 2007

06/24/07: Practice What You Preach

Yesterday started of by me getting to cheer for some other people for a change, which was very gratifying. The Team in Training sprint group did their tri.

Although everyone did great and finished the event, one person stood out in particular. Initially Jill began training with me and was planning on doing the olymic distance. First came a bike accident that left her unable to swim, ride or run for several weeks. No big deal - it happened at the beginning of the season, so we had plenty of time. Then came bronchitis....Ok, not a problem, we have plenty of time......Then gall bladder surgery - uh oh - we're running out of time....Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Jill didn't know how to swim either.....

I've said all along that triathlon is a mental sport. Well, it takes something else too: heart. With about 5 weeks before the olympic tri, Jill started taking private swim lessons and was in the pool 5 days a week, on top of a hectic work schedule and trying to squeeze in some rides and runs. Since the Austin event got rained out, she got a bit more time to train. She kept training over the last few weeks, and did a fantastic job at the race yesterday. To me, that's heart.

Congratulations Jill!!

Later in the afternoon I went for an hour and a half zone 2 run. Based on my recent runs, I would have expected to average about 9 minute miles and to have run a bit over 10 miles, keeping my hr between 154 & 164. Well, my body had different plans for me.

About 20 minutes into the run my heart rate was starting to go way above where I wanted it, into the high 160's. Again, this is a mental sport, and this is where discipline comes in - the discipline to keep an easy day easy. I'm sure my team got very tired of hearing me constantly mention two things: hydrate and keep easy days easy.

It was very tempting to say screw it, I'll just turn it into a harder zone 3 run; fortunately I was able to set aside my ego and stop and walk...a trend that continued for the next hour. Even at a 10-11 minute pace, my hr was creeping up into zone 3, so I ran for a minute or two, and walked for a bit, letting my heart rate come back down. I got back to my car at 1:25. It would have been REALLY easy to hop into my car and call it a day - what's 5 minutes, plus, did I mention it was REALLY HOT? Well...no one said any of this was supposed to be easy. So I sucked it up and ran/walked for another 5 minutes. A 1:30 run is a 1:30 run, not a 1:25 run.

Instead of doing 10 miles as expected, I found myself doing just over 8 at an average of over 10 min / mile. I'm proud of myself for having some discipline and keeping an easy day easy.

This morning I'm going to keep a promise to Kramer: It's time to hit the beach now that he's allowed :) This afternoon I'll jump in the ocean for an hour or so swim and get in a 2 1/2 ride.


Tea said...

Congrats to your friend Jill! What a comeback!

Nice job on the run. It really is hard to do the scheduled easy day when you feel good. I'm glad you did it. Your IM race will be better because of it.

Tea said...

btw-Thanks for all the positive comments you post in my blog all the time. I really appreciate it. It's like virtual peer pressure. :)

You're the best!