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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

06/06/07: A few new resources

I added a few of my favorite resources to the Favorite Links section:

1. Triathletes Training Bible, by Joe Friel. This book is an absolute MUST READ for every triathlete, whether just starting out or advanced. It had information on training plans, periodization, intensity, nutrition, proper technique and drills for all three sports, nutrition, and a whole bunch more. READ THIS BOOK!!!!

2. Tri Talk - a great resource for all things triathlon. Has podcasts, top gear lists, etc

3. A link to a cycling gear progression chart. You enter your gearing, and the site will produce a chart showing the gearing progress though both the big and small chain rings, or all three if you have a triple. Email me and I'll explain if it's confusing (it took me a bit to get it right)

4. A race checklist from Crucible Fitness. I use this before every race. It's very comprehensive and is a good reminder of both gear and race strategy.

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