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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

06/27/07: Recovery Week

I love every 4th week of my training plan. Why? Because it's a recovery week = significantly reduced training. The recovery weeks are great not only to give my body a break, but to have some extra time to catch up on things around the house, get some extra rest, and enjoy whatever other pleasant diversions come along.

Yesterday was an easy 20 minute zone 2 run. I seemed to be back in running form again after Saturdays nightmarish jog/walk, keeping an 8 something min/mile pace. Last night I had a good 2200 swim with the masters group. My swimming form seems to be continously improving thank god. Hopefully at some point in the next couple of months I'll be able to call myself a swimmer....until that happens, any night I manage not to drown in the pool is a good night....

The hammerhead ocean marathon is coming up Aug 4th. Since I already know I can swim 1.2, do I push my luck and try out my newly acquired swimming ability in a 2.5 mile ocean swim? Hmmm...have to give that one some more thought - It would either do great things for my confidence, or alternatively....well....let's not think about that.....

Today is another relatively easy 30 minute run. I was really hoping to take Kramer along for a beach run tonight, but it'll be high tide, and looks like it may rain anyway. :( Worst case is I'm on the treadmill for a 1/2 hour. As much as I dislike training indoors, 30 minutes I can live with.

The rest of this week is pretty light too - 30 min ride and a swim tomorrow, a really easy recover ride on Fri, and a 2 hour brick over the weekend (1.5 ride, .5 run). If the weather cooperates and I'm in the mood (which I never am), I may get in an ocean swim too.

Lots of time this weekend for things other than triathlon - YEA

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